Big Sisters Zoe has been matched to her Little Sister Tyleah for only two months, but in that time she has been an incredible role model and has done a great job of finding new and exciting things to do together. Tyleah already considers Zoe to be like a best friend to her. Great work supporting your mentee, Zoe!
Submitted by: Kaitlin

Little Brother James smiles widely when talking about his Big Brother Jeffrey, who he says is kind, caring, and chatty. According to James, Jeff is one of his go-to friends to talk to if he ever needs advice or just needs a positive person to talk to.
Submitted by: Mishma

Big Sisters Cheri took her Little Awa to meet with Natalie from the Youth Employment team since Awa is very adamant about gaining part time employment and experience for University. Cheri has been an incredible advocate and has driven Awa to events and to these meetings with Natalie to help her get more information and set her up for success.
Submitted by: Kristen

Updated May 2019

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