Big Sister ,Mahsati and Little Brother Zaedyn have only been matched for about 5 months but have really clicked. Mahsati goes above and beyond to plan outings with Zaedyn. Mahsati is a coupon queen and has been extremely resourceful in getting the match free tickets and discounted tickets for their outings. She meticulously plans every outing, and always ensures to reschedule any if she has to miss – which is more than anyone asks for. She’s extremely dedicated and focused on Zaedyn entirely.
Submitted by Kristen

Big Sister, Lindsay McHardy is a volunteer and also a student. Over the summer she took a summer job that had her working out of town majority of the summer. Although she was not able to meet with her Little as consistenly as she would have liked, she used one of her days off to take her Little to Jasper for the day. They explored around, bought matching sweaters and had a full day of fun together.
Submitted by Jeneti

Big Sister, Gwen Ingram- Gwen still meets with her little sister once a month despite living in BC. She is taking care of her family there, but she is also still committed to taking the time to spend with Holly.
Submitted by Madison


Updated November 2019

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