Big Sister, Elizabeth has been an amazing support to her mentee Destiny in the four months they have been matched! Elizabeth and Destiny have very similar personalities and interests and are always finding fun things to do together. Elizabeth is mindful of the budget on outings and is always looking for deals and getting creative about ways to save money on outings. Elizabeth is kind and thoughtful and has been such a great support while Destiny is facing some challenges. Thanks for all your hard work, Elizabeth!
Submitted by Kaitlin

Big Sister, Sarah has been encouraging her Little, Bek to spend time outdoors this summer. So she has been coming up with activities that they can enjoy together while outdoors. This includes but is not limited to; going for walks and making herb gardens together.
Submitted by Alex

Big Brother, Jeffrey Ku plays an integral role in his Little, James’ life. According to mom, Hanna, Jeff is one of the only positive adult male role models in James’ life. The match have built and continue to build a close friendship through their outings, and recently went on their first fishing trip together.
Jeff is always open to new suggestions and adventures to strengthen his friendship with his Little, and that is what makes Jeff an extraordinary volunteer!
Submitted by Mishma


Updated September 2019

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