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Frank Flaman: Leaving an Incredible Legacy

Dec 13, 2023

On October 9th, 2023, our community lost a great philanthropist in Frank Flaman. These words are in remembrance of Frank and the generous contributions he made to our community.

Part of Frank’s legacy will be remembered through the Frank J. Flaman Foundation, which Frank established in 2005. For more than 15 years the Foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to diverse charities locally, nationally and internally. BGCBigs is proud to be a recipient of Frank’s generosity for the past 15 years.

Frank’s early work

In 1959, Frank started an agricultural company and over the years, Frank’s business evolved, becoming recognized as one of Canada’s largest suppliers of agricultural equipment, fitness equipment and trailers. Through Frank’s innovation, intuition and integrity the company continues to thrive today.

In addition to overseeing a robust and multifaceted business for more than 60 years, Frank and his family made a personal practice to help the less fortunate. It was his mantra, his passion and his life’s work.

Frank’s enduring philanthropy

For us, Frank’s passion to help children and families gain access to the bare essential of life (including food and education) built the lasting foundation of our partnership over the last several years. We’re both honored and proud that The Flaman Foundation has been a presenting sponsor for our annual Lobster Lovers Feast, one of our Agency’s largest fundraisers in support of mentoring and after school programs.

Although, Frank’s donations extended far beyond the dollar. Frank consistently encouraged his team to share his passion for philanthropy and to engage with the charities he served. As a result, many of Frank’s team sat on our fundraising committees as volunteers, or matched others’ donations in the community towards food for our children every year, or donated in-kind equipment where needed to our sites.

Frank and his wife Ruby, also frequently attended our Lobster Lovers Feast, and could be found happily cracking a lobster in a messy (but fun!) way.

“Not only did Frank contribute financially but he contributed his knowledge and expertise, and ensured that his employees and clients became friends of our Agency as well,” said Liz O’Neill, BGCBigs Executive Director. “This was not just a job for the people at Flaman. Frank made it part of their culture, their lifestyle. He cared about the community, the country and the world. And he figured out a way to link all those things to being success to all of us.”

Frank’s enduring legacy

Today, the Frank J. Flaman Foundation distributes more than $1-million-dollars annually to several organizations, each benefitting from this generous philanthropy.

All of Frank’s compassionate work and support, be it local, national or global, is a testimony to the content of Frank Flaman’s character.

As Frank himself would say, “we only pass through this life once and any good we can do for others isn’t an option. We must help those who are less fortunate” (Edmonton Journal, 2011)

And while he will be missed by so many, Frank’s legacy continues to live on in making a difference in our world.