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Helping A Child Dream Bigger

Nov 19, 2015

Carmenlita_Pascua_artsandcrafts3One of the most powerful things to witness is a child working towards his or her dreams. Together we can help to create a better future for all kids. Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters (BGCBigs) believes all children have the capacity to lead full and rewarding lives. But sometimes they just need a little help.

BGCBigs has an in school-mentoring program to provide girls and boys with an opportunity to make a lifelong friend and get some extra support.  For one hour a week, you could be a Big In School – helping a child with homework, playing a board game, or making a craft. You could be the one to teach them that they matter and that they are special and cared for.

In the Bigs in Schools program, volunteers visit their mentee’s school for an hour once a week throughout the school year. Matches do not meet over the summer break or during other school holidays.

The program strives to:

•    provide a role model and a friend for girls and boys.
•    promote the importance of staying in school
•    model healthy relationships with family and peers.
•    instill trust and self-confidence to help the child make healthy decisions.
•    encourage leadership skills and independent thinking
•    give volunteers to opportunity to make a difference while having fun.

Montrose Elementary School is just one of the dozens of schools across Edmonton and the surrounding area in need of more Bigs in Schools.

“It provides an opportunity for our students to develop and foster positive, consistent and long lasting relationships with a trusted adult on a weekly basis,” says Laurie Caines, the school’s principal.

“We value and appreciate the time that mentors… devote to our school and student community. Words can’t begin to express our gratitude and appreciation for the work they do with and for our students. It truly is all about relationship and positive connections!”

As a Big In School, you can empower children to think out of the box, to dream bigger, to push their limits. By dedicating an hour of your day, each week, you are giving a child a friend, a mentor, and a teacher. You are ushering them into adulthood, helping them grow into responsible, respectful and caring individuals.

As an in-school mentor, your support and guidance will help create a generation of caring citizens who will look out for the next generation of children. As a result of mentoring studies have shown that:

•    90% of mentors saw a positive change in the child they were mentoring.
•    88% of students showed improved literacy skills.
•    64% had developed higher levels of self-esteem.

In-school mentoring doesn’t just help the child develop; it can also help you grow! Yvonne, one of our incredible Bigs explains her passion for mentoring: “My experience as a mentor is a priceless one. It has helped me boost my leadership’s skills, decision- making skills, time management skills, and best of all it’s improved my listening skills. By spending only one hour a week, my volunteerism makes a difference in my mentee’s life and it empowers her to be the best version of herself in school, home, and in the community. Not only is it a life-time changing experience but it also builds cherished memories.”

At BGCBigs we have a dream, that all of our children will, graduate from high school, and live a life they are proud of, and achieve their dreams. With your support we can make that dream a reality.

Go back and help a child go forward! Click here to learn more about becoming a Big In School.