Laurie's Story

Laurie Anderson match photo

“There are so many little things, big moments stories from across our 18 years together but the most impactful one is how it became really clear to me that this little girl needed to know she was not only loveable but worthy of love. When the school called to tell me that my gal wasn't at school one Wednesday and that they weren't sure if or when she would be coming back, I knew that I needed to move our relationship from an in-school mentor to a Big Sister so that I could follow her wherever she went. I called our caseworker, and we began the process immediately. When I was finally able to see her back at school, I asked her if she'd like to be my Little Sister? The answer was a resounding yes, but she asked me why I wanted to be her Big Sister. I told her that "I loved her, Always and Forever" and would always find her, no matter where she went. Although reunited with her family several months later, it was only shortly after we were officially matched as Big and Little Sisters that she was once again removed from her home. I reached out to her Children's Services caseworker and was provided with the contact information for her temporary placement. I called the foster parents and set up a time to visit with her. When she came to the door and saw me standing there waiting for her, her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and she quietly said to me "You found me!!" Just showing up... being that one consistent person who would always be there for her has made a huge difference for her. Today, she is clean and sober and working towards her goals because she knows that "I love her, Always and Forever!"

- Laurie Anderson, Volunteer Mentor