Sarah's Story

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I’ve always detested food shopping. Making a list, navigating grocery aisles that are too tight, and always forgetting the one thing we needed most. It was always a chore.


A summer picnic changed everything. My little had heard about the Wimbledon tennis tradition of strawberries and cream and desperately wanted to try it. I decided to make an event of it and together we shopped for the freshest berries, just the right cream and the perfect biscuit accompaniment. It was wonderful.


As we sat together on a blanket stretched across the grass in our local park, we dipped our juicy red strawberries into homemade whipped cream. Seeing her eyes light up on the first bite, feeling the sun on my face, hearing the babble of the river not far from us, was incredible. That day, having a last-minute picnic with my little, I was reminded that food is more than just a chore, it’s a means to deep connection.


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