Marilynn's Story

Marilynn Burch-Harvey

“I attended the Rundle Boys and Girls Club from 2006-2013. I lived in the surrounding neighbourhood and would spend most evenings at the Club. Here I would play on the computer, dance, practice art, cook and make dinner, and help with chores. Being at the Club allowed me to be in an environment where I felt safe and appreciated by adults. Having the opportunity to attend the Rundle Club was imperative to my development. I was left at home alone majority of the time and as an only child I didn’t always feel supported and cared for, but the Club staff always made me feel cared for. The Rundle club helped me stay in a safe space and away from the negative influences of my neighbourhood.

During my time at the Rundle Club, I participated in the (only) club dance group! We would practice every week and choreograph our own dances with our own dance uniforms. We performed at various community events, galas and even got to perform at a radio’s livestream. Aside from our dance group, I participated in art programs, sports and loved going on field trips. We got to attend a field trip at the McCauley Club where we met some basketball players from the Toronto Raptors, including Chris Bosh!

While in high school, I was brought back to BGCBigs through the All in For Youth initiative. Here I would study, complete homework, and get help from the staff and volunteers. I am so grateful for this program to be available to me. Because of the Eastglen coordinator, Tokunbo, I not only graduated with honours, but won the $10,000 Ted Rogers scholarship!

I am incredibly grateful for BGCBigs and all that it’s done for me. I would not be where I am today without the support and compassion from the staff and agency.”

- Marilynn Burch-Harvey, BGCBigs Club Coordinator