January 2020

One of our favourite things to do is recognize a volunteer’s anniversary with us. Scroll down to see all the amazing folks who are celebrating another year of dedication to our community’s children.

Match Anniversaries

(Bigs and Littles)

1 Year

Andrea & Danielle
Julie & Juliet
Rebekah & Fenicity
Greggory & Rylan
Brynn and Railynn
Wesley and Dante
Glynnis and Eva
Zoe and Tyleah
Jacob & Dreyton
Hannah & Elayna
Michaela and Mackenzie
Annika and Kensington
Scott and Sebastian

2 Years

Susan and Tina
Kelsie and Cheyanne
Georgia & Marcus (BIGS) and Kohl

3 Years

Rachael and Jayden
Fahd and Steven
Kimberley & Baylee

4 Years

Eric & Morgan
Jeff & Tezayne
Priden & Anna

6 Years

Simon and Tristen

7 Years

Tristan and William

10 Years***

Lisa & Wily
Paul & Aidyn

Volunteer Anniversaries

1 Year

Ajaypaul S
Alice Y
Amber D
Brianna S
Cody L
Diana L
Elena Z
Elizabeth E
Jessica T
Kieryn H
Lourdes M
Marianne C
Maureen K
Michelle W
Nicol G
Noah T
Poonam Y
Scott G
Shantel K

2 Years

An-Su D
Chris C
David O
Genevieve B
Idisemi A
Jamie S
Jaqueline P
Kyle K
Lauren K
Lorrie M
Marilyn H
Neal C
Patricia M
Raman B
Rebecca S
Ryan S
Saira H
Samantha R
Samina R
Shawn J
Sheila C
Sukainah K
Susan K
Tasha C
Wayne T

3 Years

Conner M
Kirsten M

4 Years

Alanna H
Arsh H
Christina K
Gordon B
Konishkya C
Laura G
Nicky C
Sanderson M
Sandra V

5 Years

Ahmed S
Amarachi M
Amy D
Brian M
Carly D
Cassandra F
Celina L
Daljit J
Dany-Gladys K
Debbie K
Derek P
Duane M
Gregory V
Isabella O
Jason N
Jay F
Kristen K
Larry K
Lindsey O
Maureen L
Melissa S
Michael C
Michelle H
Payton C
Ryan F
Sahaj C
Sarah S.
Satinay A
Shabnum T
Staci L
Susanne E

6 Years

Bill S

18 Years

Nicola L

Be The Reason...They Find Their Passion.

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