May 2020

One of our favourite things to do is recognize a volunteer’s anniversary with us. Scroll down to see all the amazing folks who are celebrating another year of dedication to our community’s children.

Match Anniversaries

(Bigs and Littles)

1 year

Isabelle & Paige
Shanna & Summer
Mbalia and Serenity
Cassie and Rhionna
Brittyn and Meryk
Sierra and Julie
Krystal & Shyanna
Brian and Izayik
Lesley and Erilyn
Brody and Brayden
Eric, Marina and Jonathan
Myroslav and Jed
Brian & Jeff
Cayden, Ken & Yolanda
Allecia and Amalieah
Georg and Julian

2 year

Tannan & Laurie
Corbin & Joel
Micheal & Jarid
Tristan & Geoff
Onjaree & Emma
Samuel & Zachary

3 Year

Amber and Caitlyn
Michael and Liam
Bella & Chelsee
Ryan and Ethan
Skyler & Heath
Lucas & Darin
Kyle and Keegan

4 year

Ryan & Omar
Laryssa & Elizabeth

5 Year

Pimpy & Ethan
Catherine and Margaret
Joe and Daquan

6 Year

Tara & Isabelle
Bella & Asha

8 Year

Marc & Lian
Michael & Nikolai





Volunteer Anniversaries

1 year

Danat Tewelde
Braydee Lynn
Josie Andrews
Meghan Karkanis

2 year

Isabella Orellana
Judinelly Nimer
Assia Rami
Andrew Johnson
Fadhl Abu-Ghanem
Muzamil Isse
Sherese Whiteman
Andrea Beer
Rhea Balascak

3 Year

Suzanna Kaiser
Rodney Chimedza
Susanne Evans

4 year

Shavon Stepaniuk nee Couchman
Marie Winters
Conor Bruneau
Niranjana Unnikrishnan
Brandon Dykstra

5 Year

Gregory Vallee
Dany-Gladys Kezimana-Bazira

7 Year

Pamela Young

10 Year


17 Year


18 Year

Larry Kelly

19 Year


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