Mohammed's Story

Mohammed El-Karaouni Al Deewan Bakery (2)

“I grew up just across [from] the Kinsmen Club before leaving Alberta. It was the most memorable time of my life [with] memories that I hold today. I remember all the activities [we did]. My first introduction to foosball was at the Kinsmen Club in the late ‘80s. I went on to play professionally between 2008-2013! I have a busy lifestyle and success, but I still ponder on the beautiful memories I have as a child at the Club. I was only at [the] Club for a few years, when I was 9-13 years old, but it had such an impact on my life—even as an old man now. Now, I’m in my mid-40's with children and I tell them about the Club. I’m so glad [BGCBigs] is still in operation and continues to do amazing things for children.  [I’m] an example to prove to your staff and volunteers [that] their actions, mentorship and inspiration to the kids they work with will one day have a huge impact—and that the fruit will blossom in the future one day.”

- Mohammed El-Karaouni, Former Club Kid