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Thank You Canada Summer Jobs, REACH, and Realtors Community Foundation for Supporting our Summer Programming

We would like to express a huge Thank You to Canada Summer Jobs, REACH and the Realtors Community Foundation for supporting our Summer Programming this year.

Thanks to their generous support, we were able to run eight different summer camp locations that operated each week from Monday through Friday and we employed twenty (20) Canada Summer Jobs students who worked at our summer Clubs. The Summer Jobs students helped our full-time staff will all aspects of the camps from regular programming and field trips to food prep. With the help of the Realtors Community Foundation, we were able to provide lunches and snacks throughout each week to the camp attendees through our EatSmart program. And, thanks to REACH, we were able to run our Summer OST programming at McCauley Club this year.

Before the summer wrapped and the Summer Club Staff parted ways with us for new endeavours, they had this to share about their experience working with BGCBigs this summer:

“During the summer, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to learn so much from the Campus Saint Jean (CSJ) staff, each bringing their unique life experiences and diverse backgrounds. It was a truly enriching experience to see the staff share their interests and passions with the kids, and to watch the children do the same. Our summer was filled with fun activities, like surprise dance performances by the staff and making cool origami and paper dragons!” — (BGCBigs Summer Club Staff)

“The field trips organized this summer were a great way to engage families and take the kids to places they may not be able to go to with their families.” — (BGCBigs Summer Club Staff)




“Our programs were well-balanced this summer – we were able to really get all the kids involved no matter what their interests were, we had lots of physical activities as well as art and crafts that involved building, creating, and designing!” — (BGCBigs Summer Club Staff)

Thank you to Canada Summer Jobs, REACH and the Realtors Community Foundation for supporting our summer programming this year. Our Club kids got to eat, play and make fun memories this summer that they will remember forever.


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