The Girls of Tweddle features stories from the girls at the Tweddle Boys & Girls Club in Edmonton, AB. These girls took part in a video project in partnership with a Tweddle club volunteer, Sheena, where they got to work with cameras, make a movie and as Mya says, get to be “cuckoo” at times. (Click here to learn more about Sheena).
This project explored topics like what it’s like being a girl and the good things about being a girl. One of the girls Ayom, says that the best part about being a girl…is being a girl, and perhaps sometimes people don’t think that girls can do everything, but they can!
Each of the Tweddle girls offers a unique perspective into who they are, their passions, ambitions and what they think are the good things about being a girl. Such as a Kyla who when she is grown up wants to do “…many things, such as be a veterinarian, an actress and an artist….and make lots and lots of money” she says very expressively in the video.
Alexis wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up and what she likes about being in the film club, is that she gets to just be herself. She says that being a girl is actually quite easy and that sometimes boys tell girls they can’t do some things. Alexis’s response is that whoever you are, you can do anything.
Some good things about being a girl is that “they have passion and are really caring of their family and are also kind” says Ajwa, who definitely lives up to this as she loves to spend time with her family and her fish. Ajwa further states that “I hope that we can show our inner-self and be who we are and no one can say ‘you’re not worth it’, I hope everyone can know that everyone is a part of this” — we are in this together.
Other passions expressed include Leah’s, who would love to be a pet trainer when she’s older while enjoying her favourite food lasagne. While Bella would describe herself as dramatic, a model and sometimes a little….forgetful.
The Tweddle club is a part of the Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area (BGCBigs) and provides programming Monday – Friday through drop-in programs, registered programs, and more for the children & youth of the Tweddle community.
Check out the final production of “The Girls of Tweddle” and watch until the end for the bloopers!
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Volunteer Profile (Sheena Wheedon)

Sheena Wheedon is a former Big Sister with our agency, a current club volunteer, and has been sitting on our Golf Tournament Advisory Team for the past 3 years. Sheena owns a production company, Lindisfarne Productions, and has been donating their expert services for our Golf Tournament and Lobster Lovers Feast annually. In the Fall of 2018, Sheena reached out to our agency asking for permission to apply for a grant from the Edmonton Heritage Council, to produce a video of the girls at Tweddle Club, where she volunteers. These girls had inspired her to share their stories about empowerment and leadership and self-confidence. Together with support from the agency, she applied and was successful! Over the past 4 months, Sheena worked with the girls, showcasing them and teaching them the skills of a film-maker, and the final product is more then we could have imagined (insert video here). Thank you Sheena for caring about our kids and families and being a stellar champion of our agency!

Be The Reason...They Find Their Passion.

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