All over the news and social media we’re seeing the amazing resilience of Albertans and their willingness to support one another – donating their time, money, and space inside their own homes all to help evacuees of wildfires. At BGCBigs, we are also trying to do whatever we can to support residents of Fort McMurray as they wait for news on their community.  Below is a little list we’ve complied (note, the fundraising ideas came directly from the kids in … Continue reading

Spirit of Giving

Winter Trees

We are always blown away by the generosity of our community. California Closets, a leader in custom closets and storage since 1984, is one of the companies that steps up for our community’s kids. This past Christmas, Jennifer Van, the general manager, supported two of our Duggan families. She dropped off toys and gifts for the kids and gift cards for groceries and new clothes for the whole family. She was also generous enough to provide new board games for … Continue reading

Dance Your Heart Out!

jumping girl

It’s amazing what a seemingly simple experience can do for a child’s sense of hope and hard work. We are so fortunate to work with caring companies and individuals who go out of their way to provide all kinds of interesting experiences for our community’s kids. Our Kera-Lee Clements, Club Coordinator at Rundle, shared with us the impact that time in a professional dance studio had on her group of kids. The kids at our Rundle club LOVE to dance. … Continue reading

The Gift of Time

flowers 2

One of our Big Sisters wrote an awesome blog post about the Gift of Time on December 1. She graciously gave us permission to re-post. So check out the originally article at her blog CreativeBetty. Today is Giving Tuesday. A moment to step back from the impending Christmas chaos and department store stampedes. A time to stop and think about what really matters. Since I don’t have copious amounts of money kicking around (yet!), I made a decision awhile ago … Continue reading

Club Field-Trip to Innisfree


We strive for our Clubs to be more than just places for kids to go after school and during the summer; we want them to be places of well-rounded learning and growth. Many of our kids at our Clubs are new to Canada or have lived in the city most of their lives. So our Tweddle Club was excited to have the opportunity to take some of their kids out into the country to visit a small town and experience … Continue reading