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Dance Your Heart Out!


Jan 21, 2016

Wall of InspirationIt’s amazing what a seemingly simple experience can do for a child’s sense of hope and hard work. We are so fortunate to work with caring companies and individuals who go out of their way to provide all kinds of interesting experiences for our community’s kids. Our Kera-Lee Clements, Club Coordinator at Rundle, shared with us the impact that time in a professional dance studio had on her group of kids.

The kids at our Rundle club LOVE to dance. They are always asking for more time to dance or more programs that focus on dancing.On January 8, they got a great opportunity to visit a professional dance studio and learn some moves from the instructors there.

Breakdancing 23rd Street Beat dance studio donated studio space so a group of our Rundle kids could experience what it’s like to be part of a dance team. The 3SB studio is a beautiful and creative space and our kids really enjoyed exploring it. They had lessons from two talented dance instructors who taught them some hip hop and break-dancing moves. They also watched performances from some young dancers who frequently practice at the studio. The dancers are around the same age as some of the Rundle kids and it showed them what you can do if you work hard and are motivated to learn. The kids couldn’t stop talking about how they hope they can continue to learn how to dance and to hopefully be as good as the dance troupe they watched. Our Club staff and volunteers talked to them about how much hard work and dedication it takes to succeed as a dancer.

The kids ended the day by showing off their moves to the instructors and the other youth. They also hung around the studio and observed some of the dance classes that were going on at the same time.

FreezeAll in all, the kids had a great day and left feeling motivated and inspired. We hope to continue working with 3rd Street Beat to help our kids reach their goals and have the opportunity to learn to dance. It is so important to feel passionate about something, and our kids are definitely passionate about dance!