100 Men in 100 Days

100 Men in 100 Days

Our Goal is Your challenge. Be one of the 100.

It's no secret—today, more than ever before, young people need mentors. They need someone they can look up to. They need someone they can depend on. But even more than that, they need someone to be a friend.

Did you know...

There are currently more than 700 children and youth on our waitlist, who are waiting to be matched with a mentor.

More than 400 of those young people waiting are boys. Boys who are willing to wait up to two years for a male mentor because what they need and want most is a positive male role model.

This is why we're on a mission to get more boys off the waitlist.

And that's where you come in. 


To recruit 100 Men in 100 Days to become mentors to the amazing boys on our waitlist.


Step up and be one of the 100 Men we’re looking for. You don't need to change the future, just the moment.

You are enough! Just show up & have fun!

Being a good mentor is as easy as doing things you already love to do but with a buddy! As a mentor, you might:

  • Spend one night per week at a local gym shooting hoops with your mentee, or;
  • Spend one hour per week at a local school hanging out and helping your mentee with reading, or;
  • Spend one hour per week watching movies, playing video games, or experiencing new things with your mentee.
Little boy covering eyes of his father playing video game. Cheerful family of father and son having fun playing video games at home.

Redefine the way you spend an hour. It's that easy to be a mentor.

We have a place for you

No matter your background, lived experience or level of education—BGCBigs is a diverse, inclusive and safe space with a variety of mentoring programs to choose from.

Above all else, we're a place where everyone belongs.

Messages from our Mentors & Mentees

Being a mentor has brought upon so many positive changes in my life [...] It doesn't have to come at a cost. You will truly find enjoyment and inner peace out of fostering a relationship with a [mentee].

— Henry Grover, Former Mentor

A male mentor and his male mentee

I look forward to seeing [my mentor] each week! We do an awesome variety of things together. It can range from sitting and watching a movie, all the way to scavenging across the city for geocaches!

— Colby, Mentee

Mentoring has taught me that I am more than my own set of problems. I am a difference-maker — Sam, Mentor

Step up to the challenge.

Be one of the 100 Men we’re looking for. Join our community of mentors.

BGCBigs is a safe, accepting, inclusive organization in which differences are valued in all aspects of service delivery and organizational practices. The 100 Men in 100 Days campaign was designed specifically to help close the gap in programs and services available to our families who are seeking programming for male-identifying children and youth. We encourage a diverse group of male-identifying volunteers and young people to participate in this unique program.


Danielle Newman

Volunteer Recruitment Specialist