Our clubs are amazing ???? On Friday, February 14th, our clubs celebrated #HaveaHeartDay – a day where throughout Canada, we took action together in order to make a better Canada for Indigenous Children and Youth. Everyone deserves a fair chance to grow up with their family, get a good education, be healthy, and be proud of who they are!

In each of our clubs the kids did a variety of activities on learning about the day, and it was amazing to see some of the amazing participation that ensued:

Over at our McCauley club, the kids did an activity and lesson on Have a Heart Day followed by brief discussions on what it means, and making postcards. At our Kinsmen club they watched a video on Have a Heart Day, wrote cards and even made bannock!

At our West Club they also watched a video, discussed territory acknowledgments, did a beading activity based on Indigenous beading and made postcards. Over at the Africa Centre they invited their friends and families to participate, creating postcards. West Club also had kid leaders each the attendees about the day followed by snacks and did some drumming. At Tweddle they talked about the significance of the day and coloured postcards, watched a video and followed by treats for the day. At Rundle there were discussions on change for Indigenous Kids, followed by a video on Have a Heart Dat and each kids wrote 2 postcards, one to be hung at the club and the other to be mailed to our Prime Minister. At Duggan, Steinhauer and Sakaw the kids participated by starting with a healing circle and land acknowledgement following by discussions and the have a heart day video and writing postcards. Phew!

Thank you to the amazing kids in our clubs and the staff and volunteers that helped organize and provide the activities for the day.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how the day went:

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