Success Stories:

Big Brother Aaron and Gabriel made a Lasagna from scratch this past month. Gabriel was very happy with the result and loved cooking with Aaron and told his Mom later that night “I couldn’t have asked for a better Big Brother”.
Submitted by Annalee

Brianna (Little) started at a new school this year. Brianna shared with Kersten (Big) that she stood up for a younger boy in her school that was being bullied at recess and took him under her wing. She told Kersten that she wanted to help him the same way Kersten has helped her.
Submitted by Jeneti

This month I had the opportunity to meet with Cora Miller (BS) and Pru Eh (LS) who had their 9th annual in person follow ups due. Pru Eh recently graduated from High School, and it was really great to hear from Cora about how special a moment it was for her to attend the graduation ceremony. Since the match has been going for 9 years, Cora got to see Pru Eh graduate from elementary, jr. high, and now high school. She hopes to see her graduate from post-secondary too some day.
Submitted by Kelsey


Updated January 2020

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