_K7A9209 Happy September!  It’s been a great summer but we’re excited for an amazing fall season with lots going on.  AND – it’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Month!  We are proud to celebrate and showcase the power and impact of mentoring.

This special national proclamation provides us an opportunity to raise awareness about BBBS programming and the important role mentoring can play in lives of youth and the lifelong impact of BBBS mentoring programs on these youth as they grow into adults, community leaders and engaged citizens.

Mentoring programs are a critical component in addressing the complex social and economic challenges facing our community.

Mentoring has an impact and the need is only growing.

_K7A0013Our biggest focus this season is on recruiting volunteers.  We have a number of new and different initiatives and all of them involve caring adults spending time with children and youth.

All people have the potential to be a good role model; they simply need to care about kids.

Are you supportive of newcomers and immigrants?  Imagine how tough it is to move to a new country where you don’t know anything or anyone.  Maybe you don’t have to imagine because you’ve been there.  WE NEED YOU.

Do you know what it’s like to struggle with gender or sexual identity?  Or maybe you just empathize and want to be there for a youth who feels alone?  WE NEED YOU.

Do you appreciate the rich indigenous culture in Canada? Are you willing to help a child explore their heritage, their culture, their background and take pride in who they are? WE NEED YOU.

Did you grow up in foster care or a group home, or do you work in a related field?  You’re sensitive to circumstances and challenges that come with government care and are prepared to listen without judgement.  WE NEED YOU.

Do you have a free hour every week during the school year?  One in five kids in Edmonton doesn’t graduate high school.  You can help set them up for success by helping a child learn to read, finish their homework or just by being a friend.  WE NEED YOU.

Are you a teen trying to get some volunteer experience before applying for college or university?  Wouldn’t it be fun helping a younger student navigate elementary or junior high school?  WE NEED YOU.

In addition to BBBS Month, on Tuesday, September 6th, Mayor Don Iveson will deliver a proclamation for Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters Day in Edmonton.  We’re honored by this and humbled to accept on behalf of the amazing kids we get to work with and the incredible volunteers that do it with us.

Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.
– Josh Shipp


Please consider becoming a volunteer with BGCBigs and help us create more success stories. Click here to learn more and volunteer.

Be The Reason...They Find Their Passion.

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