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Black History Month


Feb 1, 2022

black history month - bgcbigs

BGCBigs celebrates our diverse cultures and identities. Serving and working with children, youth, families, volunteers and partners from diverse backgrounds, we believe in learning with others and from others recognizing that our individual cultures, experiences and stories have a lot to teach us and help us shape our shared future. As we start Black History Month today, we celebrate the gifts, talents and contributions, popularly known and those unknown, that people of African descent have shared with all of us. We continue to learn and grow together to co-create a society that elevates equity, dignity and justice for ALL.

The 2022 Canadian Black History Month theme is February and Forever: Celebrating Black History today and every day.

We know that peoples of African descent have, for centuries, been part of the western world in both Europe and the Americas. We are an inclusive and equity seeking organization, “today and everyday, February and Forever” as we continue to learn, we want to celebrate Black History, elevate and realize our shared humanity and interdependence. “We are All one”