“Building” Brighter Futures – One Roof at a Time

February in Edmonton brought unseasonably warm weather. With the sun, came the thaw and with the thaw, came a quick realization that the home away from home for so many of our community’s kids, was no longer sound. As the dripping, and sometimes streaming, began, our team scrambled. Rain barrels caught what they could, furniture was moved and sections of the facility were cordoned off. Our construction partners were called and then, we had to figure out to pay for … Continue reading

Meeting Basic Needs

The Melton Foundation is a multi-generational foundation that was started in 1969 by Stan and Peggy Melton. “They wanted to share their success with those in need,” Teresa Melton, Managing Director of the foundation says. We are so grateful that the Melton Foundation has chosen to share its success with Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters and the children and families we serve. “When it comes to fundraising,” Danisha Bhaloo, Fund Development Manager at BGCBigs, explains. “It’s normally … Continue reading

Healthy Kitchens Make Healthy Kids

On the afternoon of Thursday May 1, 2014, ten club kids were crowded around a brand new kitchen island. They were making gingerbread squares and each was vying for a chance to add an ingredient or stir the mixture. It was their first Kitchen Club since major renovations to BGCBig’s West Club. Though they didn’t voice their excitement, it showed through their smiles and concentration as the Club Staff explained the next step in the recipe. Eight weeks before, instead … Continue reading

YOUCAN Youth Services – Employability Opportunity for Young People

YOUCAN is looking for youth between the ages of 16-21 for their next Verto Project intake. They are starting interviews now with the first day of the program starting on Monday, October 21st, 2013. Below is the information. EARN WHILE YOU LEARN! Hourly Compensation + Completion Bonus! (Must not be eligible for Employment Insurance) YOUCAN Youth Services has served youth in the Edmonton area for almost ten years. Our mission is to equip youth to engage and inspire others to peacefully resolve conflicts … Continue reading