_ldp7648The Melton Foundation is a multi-generational foundation that was started in 1969 by Stan and Peggy Melton.

“They wanted to share their success with those in need,” Teresa Melton, Managing Director of the foundation says.

We are so grateful that the Melton Foundation has chosen to share its success with Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters and the children and families we serve.

“When it comes to fundraising,” Danisha Bhaloo, Fund Development Manager at BGCBigs, explains. “It’s normally not a funder or donor’s first choice to spend their dollars on maintaining our facilities. But the Melton Foundation understands that in order to provide quality programs for our kids, we need to ensure they have a safe place to go after school every-day.”

Take our McCauley Club for instance. It’s an important place in the McCauley community: several local organizations (including BGCBigs) run their organizations from the office space; it’s the pickup location for WeCan Food Co-op; the community takes advantage of the large space and kitchen for events; and, up to 70 kids a week come here after school.

“The Club was built in 1996 and serves the communities of McCauley, Boyle Street, Central McDougal, and Cromdale,” Danisha says. “It serves us well, but as with any old building we have to be constantly working on it to ensure it’s in optimal condition.”

And that’s where Melton comes in. In 2014, they granted BGCBigs with $30,000 over three years to go towards the HVAC until and a new roof – both of which are essential to maintain operations.

One of the things that makes the Melton Foundation unique is that they are a private family foundation which allows them to be flexible in their giving.

“One of the benefits of our foundation is that we’re open to capital and infrastructure campaigns,” Teresa says. “Because we come from the real estate development industry and because our board is multi-generational with many interests and experiences, we know how important it is to have a safe space.”

Teresa explains a facility like our McCauley Club as a basic need – its shelter. “If you don’t have the basics then it’s difficult to be successful at programming.”

The Melton Foundation has also been an important supporter of our annual Golf Tournament, donating for the past several years to ensure the fundraiser is a success. Plus, BGCBigs isn’t the only recipient of their generous support – on average they provide support to 20 Alberta organizations a year!

“We are so grateful to have the Melton Foundation at our side as we work to ensure our community’s kids have the tools they need to be successful,” Danisha says. “Their support of our Golf Tournament and of our McCauley Club is truly making a difference in our community.”

“There are vulnerable times in kids’ lives,” Teresa says thoughtfully. “When they aren’t in school, having something to do helps keep them on the right path. We know the McCauley Club is a safe place for those kids to go, and we believe that it leads to success.”

Thank you Melton Foundation for caring about our community’s children and families!

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