We love getting feedback and hearing stories from straight from the mouths of our wonderful volunteers. Krista is a mentor in our EXCEL Program™ and she shared with us part of why she loves volunteering.

It is important to me to share insights about careers that elementary students may never have considered, and also to alleviate the stress and anxiety they may experience if they are under the care of a paramedic, police officer, or fire fighter. It is crucial to give them guidance and show them that all of these jobs they hear about are truly attainable by people who they know. And hopefully, it will be an experience they will come to draw upon when they are faced with self-doubt, fear, and confusion, just as we all were when we made the leap from “I could never do that” to “this is exactly what I want to do”.

If you are looking to make a positive difference in kids’ lives, I highly encourage you to consider becoming a volunteer! Click here to learn more about the EXCEL Program or here to read about the other volunteer opportunities.

– Krista Dagsvik

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