Some Everyday Heroes for August 2020:

1. Doug (BB) dropped off “shrink-dink crafts” for Brian (LB) to do with him over video chat. Brian was very excited as he had never done this type of craft before and enjoyed showing pictures of the finished product.
Submitted by Annalee

2. BB Adam ordered LB Marcus a Yugio card from Amazon as he knows how much Marcus loves Yugio! The match has been staying virtually connected via video call and has been very consistent throughout the match outing suspension.
Submitted by Zieneb

3. This month I would like to recognize Volunteer Chris L, who has been matched with his Little Brother Braeden for 4 years now. Chris has done an amazing job at being a consistent adult in his Braeden’s life since they were matched 4 years ago. Chris said that he tries his best to always let Braeden know that he’s always around to support him if he needs, and always lets him know that he can talk to him about whatever he’s going through.
Submitted by Kelsey

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