Big Brother ,Jess has been matched to his little Eric for over 4 years and they still meet bi-weekly. They have a great connection, and Eric is now looking for part time employment.
Submitted by Madison

Big Sister, Fardoussa and Big Brother Garnet recently helped to support their Little Brother Quinstin navigate through some challenging times. During the past two months, it was very challenging for Garnet and Fardoussa to reach his mother, and found it hard to make the time to see him. Despite all this, they’ve maintained their commitment. After a month of being homeless, Garnet and Fardoussa were able to locate Quinstin with their match facilitator’s help and were able to resume outings as per usual.
Submitted by Kristen

Big Sister, Alanna, who has been matched with Angel for over nine years. Alanna has really stepped up and taken on a huge role in Angel’s life over the last few years. She has been the one thing that has remained constant for Angel, and has gone above and beyond to make sure Angel knows how special their relationship is to her despite their being challenges based on the distance between them.
Submitted by Kelsey


Updated December 2019

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