Big Brother, Jesse has been motivating and encouraging his Little Brother, Eric to strive towards getting his first job because he is graduating in May. Jesse has been working on Eric’s resume with him, taking him to community events and resource job fairs and business where Eric can get his name out there and work towards a career.
Submitted by Alex

Big Brother, Marc and Little brother Lian have been matched for 7 years. Lian is very passionate about electronics and taking apart computers. Marc knows that the family doesn’t have much of a budget for summer camps, so Marc took Lian to a parts shop and they went shopping for old computer parts. They’re going to make a project out of it this summer.
Submitted by: Kristen

Big Sister, Tamara has been matched with her Little Sister Faith for three months. In that time, Tamara has been a consistent, stable support for Faith as she faces some challenges in her life. Tamara and Faith focus on having fun together but also taking the time to get to know one another, and Faith feels that the match is “amazing”. Thanks for your dedication, Tamara!
Submitted by Kaitlin

Updated July 2019

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