July 2019

One of our favourite things to do is recognize a volunteer’s anniversary with us. Scroll down to see all the amazing folks who are celebrating another year of dedication to our community’s children.

Match Anniversaries

1 Year
Kaylee & Rhea
Calvin & Jayden
Katarina and Talayna
Adam and Austin
Jamie & Jorden
Candace & Alysha
Justin and Eric
Isaihis and Luke
David and Ryan
Josh and Leonardo
Shawn & Jaxson
Mark and Gabriel
Niko and Constantine
Matt and Quinton
Kirsten and Lavida

2 Year
Sarah & Katherine
Kasun & Timmy
Liam & Mark
Kaleb & Thomas
Cain and Alex,
Julian and Troy
Susan & Cadence
Sarah & Annika
Migel and Janet
McKenna and Morgan
Ethan and Daniel
Cheri and Awa
Dustin and David
Marie and Ashlyn
Sarah and Britany
Jillian & Katherine
Valeria and Elizabeth
Gwen and Holly

3 Year
Chance and Robert
Sam & Harley
Kevin and Evan
George & Everett
Nicholas & Joseph

4 Year
Bill and Tyler
Rebecca and Alyssa
Kwesi and Kyle
Owen and Zachary

6 Year
Tanis & Felicity
Gabriel and Elliott

7 Year
Mensour & Deantwan

9 Year
Alanna and Angel

10 Year
Rebecca and Laura

12 Year
Alexandra & Kiara

Volunteer Anniversaries

1 Year
Carol McClenaghan

2 Year
Guneet Brar
Amber Pfliger

3 Year
George Kinley
Natashia Tremblay

4 Year
Amarachi Maduka

5 Year
Abel Paulos
Danielle Keehn

7 Year
Tammy Cooper


Be The Reason...They Find Their Passion.

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