Big Sister, Kimberley has been a very patient volunteer who was willing to keep the match going even after not hearing from the family for a few months. She shared she very much enjoys the match and is happy the match was able to continue. She has been positive, receptive and flexible which has helped in making this match successful.
Submitted by Jeneti

Big Sister, Janet Brandon (crossgender matched with Migel Bootsman)- Janet had her 2 year follow up and is very proud of Migel’s increased confidence and willingness to speak. Really sweet volunteer who is very committed to the program.
Submitted by Madison

Big Brother, George Kinley has been matched with Everett for 3 years. George introduced Everett to rugby which has made a huge impact on his life. Everett now plays on a team and has met a lot of friends through the sport. George and Everett still enjoy throwing the ball around on their outings and are continuing to work at developing Everett’s skills.
Submitted by Katie


Updated October 2019

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