October 2019

One of our favourite things to do is recognize a volunteer’s anniversary with us. Scroll down to see all the amazing folks who are celebrating another year of dedication to our community’s children.

Match Anniversaries

1 Year

Nicole & Radhika
Iva & Ellie
Basmala & Shefali
Rachel & Colborne & Mataio
Hanna and Cynthia
Layne & Elya
Alba B & Jaimelin M
Cathy and Haley
Cassaundra and Natasha
Colin and Liam

2 year

Christine & Draven
April and Samantha
Bobby and Liam

3 year

Elijah and Darryl
Annika & Alexandra

4 year

Natasha & Bibiana
Gideon & Derek
Kim & Jade
Alicia and Hannah

5 year

Monique and Becca
Stephanie and Aiyana
Emma and Alexander

6 Year

Riley and Lily
Kevin and David
Aaron and Dreyden

Volunteer Anniversaries

1 Year

Gwen Pitman
Jenna Sullivan
Joanne Perkins
Tyler Morrison

2 year

Elizabeth Cordeau
Elizabeth Voy
Mahad Farah
Sahil Mirzad

3 Year

Don Howden

4 Year

Derek Pacheco
Larry Kelly

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