Little Big Moments


Today, the Edmonton area has more than 1,200 children waiting to receive services from BGCBigs, a number that has risen from 800 in 2020.


To help meet this need, BGCBigs has launched Little Big Moments, a volunteer recruitment campaign aimed at recruiting more than 1,000 local volunteers over the next year.


We know little moments of kindness, compassion and mentorship can have a big impact in the lives of both mentors and mentees. “Little-Big” moments are more than just board games or movies or cookies - they’re opportunities for meaningful connection, confidence-building and lifelong memories.


"The last couple of years have been a challenge. A lack of connection, loneliness, feeling marginalized, craving contact. Volunteering demands kindness, courage, openness and taking chances. The kind of things that help us overcome challenges- my own challenges. Who knew the greatest gift I could give myself was to give more of me to others."

- BGCBigs Volunteer

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