October 2020

One of our favourite things to do is recognize a volunteer’s anniversary with us. Scroll down to see all the amazing folks who are celebrating another year of dedication to our community’s children.

atch Anniversaries

(Bigs and Littles)

1st Year

Courteney, Myles & Austyn
Rahul & Jesse
K’enna and Harvir
Addison and Jordan
Dolly & Nahla
Kelly & Brooke
Austin & Matthew
Dallin & Walker
Jesse & Matthew
Tianna & Paige
Hannah and Olia
Marilyn and Shannon
Caitlin (BS) and Mya (LS)
Jen and Evangeline
Quayla & Lisa

2 Years

Shefali & Basmala
Rachel, Colborne & Mataio
Kiera & Britney
Melissa and Angel
Austin and Henrik
Emery and Abigail
Treshwan and Brett
Seth & Taylor
Colin & Liam
Iva & Ellie
Nicole & Radhika
Hanna and Cynthia

3rd Year

BS Christine & LB Draven
Layne & Elya

4 Years

Alex & Max
Nancy & Tonia

5th Year

Gideon & Derek
Jade & Kim

6 years

Michele & Hala
Kura & Kim
Emma & Alexander

7 Years

Kailey & Alexandra



   Volunteer Anniversaries

1 Year

Jonathan Keeler
Youssef Ahmed
Leah Fader
Katie Gadzella
Belay Wendishal
Asha Bille
Katrina O’Neill
Lanna Kelly
Shavon Stepaniuk nee Couchman
Rick Watan Dulat
Gurleen Jassar

2 Year

Tyler Morrison
Joanne Perkins
Taylor Skarban-Dreesen

3 Year

Mahad Farah
Sahil Mirzad

4 Year

Celine Gutierrez
Don Howden 

5 Year

Sandra Roberts

21 Year

Lanna Kelly





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