November 2020

One of our favourite things to do is recognize a volunteer’s anniversary with us. Scroll down to see all the amazing folks who are celebrating another year of dedication to our community’s children.

Match Anniversaries

(Bigs and Littles)

1st Year

BS Sara & LS Kashia
Liam & Carson
Vince & Morgan
Brandon & Shaun
June & Aubree
Tezohn & Ian
Zach and Devon
Steven and Teddy
Deo & Shafeeq
Cassidy & Gurjeet
Annika (BS) and Angelina (LS)
Kim (BS) and Emma (LS)
Hailey (BS) and Cheyenne (LS
Lucas and Daniel
Caius & Andy
Corbin & James
Isaihis & Nathen

2 Years

BB Bryan & LB Alexx
Graham & Brandon
Braxton and Stephen
Kent, Katie & Marcus
Ashley & Raya
Mason & Stephan /Mackenzie
Kelly (BS), Stephen (BB) and Chase (LB)
Gaige & Sheldon
Blessing & Alicia
April & Kelly

3rd Year

Celine & Mira
Jayme & Kandice
Jack & Troy
Aislinn & Kimberly
Anthony & Braydon

4 Years

Kyle and Justin
4 year annual BS Jennifer and LS Angel
Lily & Sabrina

5th Year

Frank (BB) and Tyrell (LB)

6 years

Alisar & Cobey 

7 Years

Annie (BS) and Evy (LS)

8 Years

Chantelle & Kristina
Darrin & Cobi
Sammie & Darren
Zayden & Lauren

9 Years

Harley & Tuan

10 years

Pru Eh & Cora



Volunteer Anniversaries

1 Year

Ryan Butlin
Karl Gonzales
Beimnet Ayalew
Claire Lewis
Laura Trueman
Elizabeth Cordeau
Ebuka Ikegwuonu
Breanna Fang
Alexander Donovan
Tomasita Mondragon
Laura Enekegho
Claire Makale
Zahra kaba
Michelle Goonasekera
Lee Ann Beaubien
Gopali Gupta
Sharla Madsen
Abel Paulos
Vanessa Tran
Demi Grace
Catherine De Guzman
Catherine De Guzman
Krittika Bali
Jacey Pittaway

2 Year

Rahul Rana
Robyn Snow
Sarah Kennedy
Sam Sjolie
Darcy Hans
Assia Rami

3 Year

Nicky Coughlin
Rajvir Teja

4 Year

Serenity Jacko
Benjamin Feely
Liam Troy

5 Year

Staci Layne – Linton
Jason Neal

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