It All Starts with Me BGCBIGSCKUA Radio broadcasts across Alberta through 16 FM frequencies, from Fort McMurray to Lethbridge. Last week, we had the opportunity to send 64 children and youth to learn about what goes on “behind the scenes” in radio broadcasting.

This opportunity exists through our “It All Starts with Me” program, running in its 7th year and providing thousands of children exposure to arts & culture in Edmonton. Through the generous philanthropy of our partners – TD Bank, City Lumber, and Robert & Carrie Markowski – we’ve been able to continue this important program in 2019.

You could see the joy in the eyes of the children throughout the day – especially about how different their voices sounded on the radio! An unexpected learning for most of them!

It All Starts with Me BGCBIGS 2These young people also got to interview Grant Stovel, the resident morning show host. The kids asked many questions about the life of a morning show host, particularly his sleep habits and how he manages to wake up before everyone else in the city!

The tour of the station led to many questions about favourite songs and inquisitive looks when sitting in the record library! There was even mentions an old ghost story that has circulated around the station for many years, specifically while in the basement. The CKUA volunteers had as much fun telling the story as the children did listening to them

A big thank you to CKUA, our partners and our volunteers from the station who made this an experience of a lifetime.

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