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Volunteers, Thank you! | National Volunteer Week 2019

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Apr 7, 2019

Volunteers, thank you!

April 7-13, 2019 is National Volunteer Week! We want to make sure YOU and our 3,099 other volunteers know how important you are and that you are make a BIG impact for our children and their families. Did you know that you and all the amazing people from all walks of life from all genders, from all occupations and from each and every corner of our community donated 160,000 hours last year?

We value you so much and we’ve been posting on social media to make sure the world knows just that. Check out our social media platforms and see what we’ve been doing in your honor (see below). As well, pick up a copy of the Edmonton Journal on April 8 and you might just see your name in fine print!

We hope you’ll share why you are a #BGCBIGSVolunteer by tagging @bgcbigs and encourage others also get involved at Linked below is a cover photo and timeline photo in case you want to brag a little bit about the great work you’re doing in your community (we think you’re definitely worth bragging about).

You are so incredibly valuable to us, our kids and their families.

THANK YOU so much!
You’re More Inspirational Than You Think.


From Your Family at BIGBIGS,


Social Media Timeline Photo

Share this image on social media and include why you are a #BGCBIGSVolunteer!

National Volunteer Week 2019 - BGCBIGS Facebook - Volunteer

Social Media Cover Photo

Let everyone else know that it’s National Volunteer Week (#NVW2019) with this socail media cover photos.

Facebook Header NVW2019 - Agency