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Watch As This Average Guy Steps Up to Help Out

May 13, 2015

At BGCBigs, we’re pretty honest about the high need for male role models in young boys’ lives. It’s true for our community of Edmonton, for the communities where we operate satellite offices in Alberta, and for all of North America. While we also need good women to step forward and become Big Sisters, the need is simply far greater when it comes to men.

That need resonated with our friends at TELUS and they wanted to help us demonstrate how fun, easy, and meaningful being a Big (a role model, a mentor) can be. Nick Lovejoy and his Little Brother Romel were thrilled to be able to help us out and share the story of their match and their growing friendship.

As we approach the summer time when we typically amp up our male recruitment strategy, we would so appreciate if you could take 3 minutes and 40 seconds to watch this video and think about the men in your life who might have an hour a week to spend making a kid’s life a little bit better, who you think might make good role models and forward this video to them. We are always accepting new volunteers – of all genders – online here.

I’ve got to show up once a week; it’s really not tough. I could go home and chill out and watch some TV or I can go out and make a kid’s life awesome. It’s a pretty easy choice. – Nick