Some Everyday Heroes for November 2020:

1. Robbie (BB) took his little brother to his barber to get a back to school haircut that matched his own and has been helping little get ready to start at a new school.
Submitted by Annalee

2. Brianna B and her little recently resumed in-person outings. Her little is doing online schooling so has been feeling isolated from her friends. Brianna reached out to me to see how she could help with this and was really eager to try some ideas that I gave. Brianna is going above and beyond to make sure her little is happy not only on their outings but to help with other areas of her life as well.
Submitted by Katie

3. Big Yoeal and Little Amaron struggled to connect digitally and now that they are approved to meet in person Big has been consistently meeting with his Little. Little has expressed that it has been great to reconnect with someone who understands him and someone he can be himself around without being judged.
Submitted by Jeneti

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