Teen Volunteer Opportunities

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Teen In School Mentoring

Are you an individual who enjoys helping others? We are excited to share with you our Teen Mentoring program. This in-school mentoring program is a way to get involved with a child. It allows in-school mentors to share time with a mentee in their school during the school day. In-school mentors meet with their mentee following the 20-20-20 rule: 20 minutes of getting to know each other and catching up, 20 minutes of schoolwork, and 20 minutes of free time. In addition to friendship and overall support, the focus is on literacy and homework.

Must be 16 years old or older

Mentees: Kids between 6 and 12 who need extra support with their schoolwork.

Mentor: Anyone over 16 who would like to help a child do better in school

Minimum Commitment: 1 hour per week throughout the school year

Availability: We run in-school mentoring programs at schools in Edmonton, St. Albert, Parkland, and Sherwood Park.

When & Where: At the same time each week during the school day at a child’s school



Danielle Newman

Recruitment Coordinator