2015 Top 5 Stories

It’s always fun to look back on the year and see all the incredible stories we got to tell thanks to caring folks like you! Our volunteers, donors, funders, and families make this good work possible and we are so excited to share 2016 with you. So in celebration of all we accomplished together last year, here are 5 of our most read blog posts from 2015. Feel free to read them again, share them with a friend, or check … Continue reading

#ThrowbackThursday: Pink Shirts

Since yesterday was National Day to End Bullying, we thought it would be appropriate to throwback to February 25 – Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day (PSD) began in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2007. A group of students decided to defend a kid who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. In a show of solidarity, many of his peers turned up to school the next day wearing pink shirts, and PSD was born. By wearing a pink shirt, people … Continue reading