Just Give It A Shot

They walked into the coffee shop and it was clear they were a Big Brother Little Brother match. They looked nothing alike and the age difference was obvious, yet they acted like brothers. From across the room, one could tell they were making jokes and easily carrying on a conversation about whatever was around them. It’s hard not to smile when you see a pair like Ryan and Sammy. Ryan is confident and outgoing and Sammy is a quiet and … Continue reading

An Answered Prayer

One day this past Fall, Jennie Newton, an Enrollment Facilitator with BGCBigs, was looking through Little Brothers, trying to find a match for a Big Brother who had just applied. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was fate, when she came across Zane’s file.  With his 18th birthday just around the corner, Zane was about to age out of BGCBigs programs. He lived in foster care, was in a wheelchair, and had been waiting for a Big Brother for 6 … Continue reading

Our Big Brothers in Construction

Creating Buildings, Serving Communities Nearly 30 years ago Big Sisters of Edmonton had plans to build an office in the valley of the North Saskatchewan River. We were a small but growing child serving organization that needed a new space for our employees, volunteers, children and youth. The potential change had the Board and staff excited until the quotes came in – they were double what we expected. Excitement quickly turned to worry as we wondered if we’d have to choose … Continue reading

Become a Big Brother – It’s as Simple as Ice Cream

“I don’t have a lot of free time.” “Women are better with children.” “I don’t do anything fun.” “I have kids of my own.” There are an infinite number of reasons why now might not be the right time for you to become a Big Brother. But mentoring a young boy can be achievable and flexible for men with nearly any schedule or lifestyle. But most importantly, it can drastically improve the life of a child today. One of my … Continue reading