Friendship, Laughter & Cookies

Shiloh admits that when she was 10 years old she didn’t get along very well with other kids at school. “I needed someone to talk to,” she says. Her mom heard about the mentoring programs at Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters (BGCBigs) and Shiloh agreed to try it out. “It’s risky because you’re putting yourself out there. But it turned out to be worth it.” Shiloh was matched to Danielle, a caring volunteer with a myriad of … Continue reading

Reflections on Being a Big Sister

Below is a beautiful reflection on the journey of mentoring we received from Heather MacKenzie, a Big Sister. We hope you’re as moved by we are by her words.  In 2002, I was 19 years old and enrolled in a Sociology course at the University of Alberta called Juvenile Delinquency. In that course, I learned that deterrence techniques are not an effective means of keeping youth on track. Rather, mentoring is a much more effective method of helping youth stay … Continue reading

Friends for 30 Years, Sisters for Life

On the occasion of their 30 Anniversary of becoming “Sisters”, Janet and Anisha went to see Clara’s Dream at the Jubilee. Anisha felt like she was 9 years old again, experiencing the first thrill of live theatre with The Nutcracker Suite and her new Big Sister. At 7, Anisha and her three younger brothers experienced the heartbreak of divorce. In a one bedroom apartment, she became a substitute mother in the family dynamic, fiercely loyal and protective of her charges. … Continue reading