Club Experience

If you’ve never been to visit one of our Clubs, you might not know exactly what to expect. Maybe you picture chaos. Maybe you picture an extended day of school. Maybe you wonder why we call it a good place to be. We sent one of our new staff members into our Tweddle Club to experience the atmosphere first-hand. With her fresh pair of eyes and talented way with words, Michelle Lindstrom, our Grants and Research Writer, took a stab … Continue reading

Shared Experiences Mean The World

One of the most exciting things that comes from placing volunteers in the lives of children happens when a volunteer shares their talent or skill or special interest with a child or group of children. Suddenly the world as they know it gets a bit bigger. One example of this tiny transformation happened before the snow began to fall in Edmonton. Marty Yanishewski has been volunteering at our West Club every week for nearly 10 years. Usually Easter is a … Continue reading

From Seeds to West Club’s Kitchen Table

This past summer, Trinity Church gave our West Club the amazing opportunity to plant and grow their own vegetable garden. The church owns gardening land and it graciously donated half a plot to West Club along with tomato and cucumber plants. “This was the first time we had the opportunity to plant our own garden,” says Olivia Boyington, Program Staff at West Club. “It was really a special treat for our kids. They learned about how to plant seeds and … Continue reading

Club Field-Trip to Innisfree

We strive for our Clubs to be more than just places for kids to go after school and during the summer; we want them to be places of well-rounded learning and growth. Many of our kids at our Clubs are new to Canada or have lived in the city most of their lives. So our Tweddle Club was excited to have the opportunity to take some of their kids out into the country to visit a small town and experience … Continue reading

Kids & Volunteers Show Pride In Their Community Club

We believe that our kids deserve to have places to be after school, in the evenings, and during school breaks that are safe, fun, educational, and welcoming.  This summer, our Duggan, Sakaw, and Steinhauer Clubs have demonstrated not only pride in their Clubs but also in their community. Their approach? Planting gardens! The idea of gardening took root in 2012-13 after Club staff had conversations about ways we could engage our kids in different seasonal activities. Kids at our Tweddle … Continue reading