2014 Recap: Your Impact in 17 Photos

With the New Year just around the corner, we’d like to take a moment to stop and appreciate the amazing impact that supporters like you have had on nearly 5,000 children and families in our community. Because of you, kids are doing better in school, resisting negative influences, becoming active members of their communities, and feeling more confident and proud of who they are. This year you’ve made each of the children we work with feel safe, accepted, and valued. … Continue reading

18:1 Mentoring Delivers a High Return

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Social Return on Investment Survey A groundbreaking new study by The Boston Consulting Group demonstrates the power of investments in Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring to deliver strong economic value over time.  The study was designed to audit the financial return to society from Big Brothers Big Sisters, and it found that every dollar invested generates on average $18 in hard dollar returns to society. The research compared the life outcomes of 500 former “Littles” … Continue reading

Mentoring and Mental Health

The impact of mentoring for children and youth is far-reaching.  In a recent study, researchers found that kids with mentors showed significant improvements in mental health.  Thank you to our over 3,000 volunteer mentors who continue every day to make a difference in the lives of children. Article on the impacts of mentoring on mental health.  Continue reading